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At Shawns Iron Works you’ll find an expert and professional team of gate welders. Based in the local area, all our welders are experienced and committed to achieving the best results to ensure your gates have a long and sturdy life. Whether you’re looking to install or repair your gates, we can advise and find a solution that works with your budget, needs and style preferences – why not contact us through our booking form to see how we can help? And we also build small, buildings carports and patios ,well houses,.

Our process is detailed

Welding is useful in a number of different ways. We can complement your gates with wall top railings that look beautiful and create a visually pleasing boundary to your establishment. Or, it could be privacy gates for your home to provide that extra level of security and privacy when opening any door. Or it could even be the larger estate gates, which make your place look that bit grander – as well as the deterrent it gives to potential lawbreakers!

Bespoke welding services

The first point of contact to any location is usually a gate, which secures the location, the people within and safeguards any valuables. Gates look beautiful in any garden – be it front or rear – and there are a number of different styles to choose from, including: , flat tops, arched tops or any other design you may think of. We can also install metals post to attach the gate to, if you do not have metal posts. Furthermore, custom locks can be provided to increase security even further!



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